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A bunch of small factors may come together to convince you of this. On either side of a summer solstice, the sun sets and rises at nearly the same time, right down to the minute, for a week or two.

This seeming pause can fool us into thinking the days are getting longer if we're not paying attention to exact sunset and sunrise times. Charts called sun graphs illustrate this point well, though they differ depending how far north or south you live.

The closer you live to a tropic around the solstice, the more consistent those endless summer and, technically, spring days seem to last. This is because a day on Earth is actually less than 24 hours. Another reason for this mistaken perception is that because of Earth's tilt, people who live in northern latitudes get more incident sunlight and thus more twilight hours during the summer than people farther south do.

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That might make summer days seem longer than they technically are — especially for those who live farther from the equator. Advancing clocks an hour earlier in March makes more people wake up in darkness and experience a later sunset. By the time the solstice rolls around, though, the sunrise usually happens before many people wake up, and they're back indoors before the sunset occurs.

This might give the impression that the days are lasting longer than they do. Furthermore, we often think of summer in terms of our schedules — not when the solstice actually occurs. Many people find themselves outside more often during the evenings, and also take vacations for a week or two post-solstice.

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That also makes the days seem longer. How long June 21 — the "longest" day of the year — lasts depends on where in the northern hemisphere you're located. Three sunsets in three different locations and each with their own unique story.

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I had never imagined that I would encounter so many magnificent sunsets in the UK especially because rainy or cloudy days are the main trend here. Just a few months after I had begun my learning at Swansea University, I sat in my house reading the law cases and textbooks that were on the reading list you would never able to finish. Suddenly, I looked out my window to give my eyes a break and saw the really amazing, beautiful clouds saturating the sky!

Five more lovely sunrises/sunsets I’ve captured in the UK

I caught my camera and rushed into the street immediately despite wearing pyjamas and flip-flops, because I feared it will go dark soon. I was running in the street to find a higher place for a better viewpoint with the flip-flops on my feet! Eventually, I got a little higher and took a lot of beautiful pictures. Fortunately, I arrived there at about 3pm, so I had the opportunity to enjoy the heritage under the mild sunshine.

Best Sunsets Around The World - While I'm Young

It looked more fantastic and mysterious with the orange sunlight on it and I was just looking at this amazing scene as if time had stopped. One day later, I encountered another beautiful sunset in Cotswolds, watching the clouds turning from orange to yellow, to red, and to pink. No words can describe the beautiful scene in front of me!

Mars Water - Where the Sun Sets

Moving to a new place can be difficult no matter where you move to but developing new routines and taking some time to reflect will always be helpful. Sunrises and sunsets are often great at reminding you to look forwards and make the most of each new day.

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Worse still, winter has cold and short days, academic lectures are demanding, and it all requires a lot of hard work. Great pictures. Today I have learnt another thing I would never have known but for technology and I must add my fairly new hobby , fancy pigeons. Not good with camera myself , but keep trying.

Almost 70 and still learning. Thank you for that. Superb photos. Now live in south-west France nowhere near the sea. Photos do confirm my suspicion that in midsummer you can have both sunrise and sunset over the North Sea.

The Most Beautiful Sunsets In The World

Thank you. Chris ward. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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